A tennis expertise that we can’t wait to share with you.

Smashing strives to provide the most unique tennis experience for all tennis fans. We are expert in delivering unforgettable memories to our guests by crafting their perfect tennis holidays. Our services include the provision of professional tennis coaches anywhere and at anytime.

We work with friendly and talented tennis pros around the globe seeking to deliver the best tennis experience to each or our guests. Smashing is also an expert in managing tennis programs at luxury hotels and resorts worldwide.


Guillaume Berman obtained a tennis scholarship to study at Northern Kentucky University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Business. Tennis has offered him the opportunity to travel internationally. He has played and worked at clubs and resorts in the US, Spain, Brazil, Maldives and Sweden. Through the years, he has met many famous sport athletes and VIPs. His sports experiences in coaching, sports tourism in hotels and resorts, creation of events, and organization of tournament has culminated in the creation of Smashing. A company dedicated to tennis, from the organization of events to private coaching and consulting services for companies.