with Pros

Play tennis, have lunch or even watch a match
at a tournament with a pro tennis player.

About the Experiences

Smashing creates lifetime memories through unique tennis experiences. Every sport lover’s dream is to one day meet or share a moment with their favorite athlete. At Smashing, we give the opportunity to make your dream come true through different experiences with retired or current tennis professionals.

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All Our Experiences

Play Tennis with a Pro

A rare chance to play with an actual ATP tennis player or tennis legend.

Watch a match

A very unique opportunity to watch a tennis match next to a pro tennis player.

Have lunch

Lunch, dinner or cocktail with a tennis star.

Meet & Greet

Meet, talk and share a moment with your tennis legend. A great way to tell him/her about one of your favorite moments watching his/her match or ask for tennis advice.

Motivational Speech

Sport's athletes life stories are always very inspirational, motivating to your company and your guests. At Smashing, we give you the opportunity to bring an athlete to you to share his/her experience.


Create a tailor-made event for your company. A personal experience that generates loyalty and commitment with the presence of a professional tennis player.

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